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Game Name:Average Rating
Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge / Samurai Spirits: Amakusa Kourin4.7862
SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos4.6380
Last Blade 2 / Bakumatsu Roman: Dai Ni Maku Gekka no Kenshi, The4.6374
The King of Fighters '98: The Slugfest / King of Fighters '98: Dream Match Never Ends4.5867
Rage of the Dragons4.5831
The King of Fighters 20004.5598
Ninja Masters: Haoh-Ninpo-Cho4.5377
Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior / Art of Fighting: Ryuuko no Ken Gaiden4.5291
Magical Drop III4.5089
Samurai Shodown V / Samurai Spirits Zero (Bootleg)4.5084
Real Bout Fatal Fury / Real Bout Garou Densetsu4.5060
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special / Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special4.5025
Samurai Shodown II / Shin Samurai Spirits: Haohmaru Jigokuhen4.4972
Blazing Star4.4960
Twinkle Star Sprites4.4933
Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Set 1)4.4894
Far East of Eden: Kabuki Klash / Tengai Makyou: Shin Den4.4885
Fatal Fury: King of Fighters / Garou Densetsu: Shukumei no Tatakai4.4810
The King of Fighters '96 (Set 1)4.4810
Fatal Fury 2 / Garou Densetsu 2: Arata-naru Tatakai4.4806
Art of Fighting 2 / Ryuuko no Ken 2 (Set 1)4.4799
Fatal Fury Special / Garou Densetsu Special (Set 1)4.4726
Neo Bomberman4.4694
The King of Fighters Special Edition 2004 (The King of Fighters 2002 Bootleg)4.4656
Aero Fighters 2 / Sonic Wings 24.4625
Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy (Set 1)4.4435
The King of Fighters '944.4434
Sengoku 34.4335
Windjammers / Flying Power Disc4.4280
Super Sidekicks / Tokuten Ou4.4275
Metal Slug 54.4198
Samurai Shodown III / Samurai Spirits: Zankurou Musouken (Set 1)4.4171
Money Puzzle Exchanger / Money Idol Exchanger4.4159
Waku Waku 74.4118
The King of Fighters '97 (Set 1)4.4071
Goal! Goal! Goal!4.4050
Metal Slug 5 Plus (Bootleg)4.4038
Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Set 2)4.3930
The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary 2005 Unique (The King of Fighters 2002 Bootleg)4.3777
Double Dragon4.3635
The King of Fighters '97 (Set 2)4.3540
The King of Fighters 2003 (Set 1)4.3385
Last Resort4.3378
Metal Slug 34.3303
Metal Slug X: Super Vehicle-0014.3272
Zed Blade / Operation Ragnarok4.3228
Aero Fighters 3 / Sonic Wings 34.3212
Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle-001/II4.3153
Crossed Swords4.3114
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