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10th Frame (U) (Tape Port Dongle)10th Frame (U) (Tape Port Dongle) [alt]4th & Inches (U)4th & Inches (UE)4th & Inches (UE) [alt]Alternative World Games (E)Bad Cat (E)Ballblazer (E)Ballblazer (U)Beach Volley (UE) (Sports Compilation)Bobsleigh (E)Boot Camp (U)Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (UE)California Games (E)California Games (U)Caveman Ugh-Lympics (UE)Championship Baseball (U)Championship Wrestling (U)Circus Attractions (UE)Circus Attractions (UE) (R2)Combat School (E)Cycles, The - International Grand Prix Racing (UE)Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge (E)Fast Break (U)Fight Night (E)Fight Night (U) (RapidLok 1)Fight Night (U) (RapidLok 6)Final Assault (E)Final Assault (U)Final Assault (U) [alt]Final Blow (E)Five-a-Side Soccer (UE)Football Manager (UE)Football Manager 2 (UE)Football Manager 2 (UE) [alt]Footballer of the Year (E)Frank Bruno's Boxing (E)GBA Championship Basketball - Two-on-Two (UE)GBA Championship Basketball - Two-on-Two (UE) [alt]GFL Championship Football (U)GFL Championship Football (UE) (Big Box Compilation)Games, The - Summer Edition (E)Games, The - Summer Edition (U)Games, The - Winter Edition (E)Games, The - Winter Edition (U)Gazza II (E) (M3)Gazza's Super Soccer (UE)Grand Monster Slam (UE)Grand Monster Slam (UE) [alt]Grave Yardage (UE)Grave Yardage (UE) [alt2]Grave Yardage (UE) [alt]Hardball (U)Hole in One Golf (UE)Hyper Sports (U) (v1)IK+ (E)Indoor Sports (UE)International 3D Tennis (UE)International Hockey (UE) (Artworx)International Hockey (UE) (Avantage) [b-disk]Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf (E)Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf (U)John Elway's Quarterback (UE)John Elway's Quarterback (UE) [alt]John Madden Football (UE)Kick Off (E) (M5)Kick Off 2 (E) (M4)Kikstart (UE)Knight Games (E)Knight Games (E) [alt]Knight Games (U)Leader Board (E)Leader Board (U)Match of the Day (UE)Metro-Cross (E)Metro-Cross (U)Microprose Soccer (E)Microprose Soccer (E) [alt]One on One (UE)One on One (UE) [alt]Ping-Pong (U)Pole Position (U)Pro Golf (UE) [b-disk]Rack 'em (UE)Rally Cross (E)Rally Cross (UE)Run the Gauntlet (E)Sailing (E)Sargon II (UE)Sargon III (UE)Serve & Volley (U)Skate or Die! (E)Skate or Die! (U)Ski or Die (UE)Slam-Dunk (UE)Slugger, The (UE)Speedball (UE)Speedball 2 (UE)Speedball 2 (UE) [alt]Star Rank Boxing II (UE) (Powerhits Compilation)Street Sports Baseball (UE)Street Sports Basketball (UE)Street Sports Soccer (E)Street Sports Soccer (UE)Summer Challenge (U)Summer Games (U) [b-highscores]Summer Games (UE)Summer Games (UE) (Compilation Xmas Bonus) [b-highscores]Summer Games II (E) (2 sides) [b-highscores]Summer Games II (E) (3 sides) [b-highscores]Summer Games II (U) [b-highscores]Super Cycle (UE)Super Cycle (UE) [alt]Superstar Ice Hockey (E)Superstar Ice Hockey (UE)Superstar Ice Hockey (UE) (V-MAX)Superstar Ice Hockey (UE) (V-MAX) [alt]TKO (E)TV Sports Football (UE)Thai Boxing (E)Touchdown Football (UE)Track & Field (UE)Winter Challenge (U)Winter Games (UE) (Compilation Xmas Bonus) [b-highscores]Winter Games (UE) [alt]Winter Games (UE) [b-highscores]World Championship Soccer (E)World Class Leader Board (E)World Class Leader Board (U)World Games (E) [b-highscores]World Games (UE) [b-highscores]World Games (UE) [b-highscores] [alt]World Karate Championship (U)World Tour Golf (UE)World's Greatest Baseball Game, The (Enhanced) (UE)World's Greatest Baseball Game, The (U)

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