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Tag Team Wrestling (UE)Take Down (U)Tanium - Warhawk II (UE)Tank (E) ~ TNK III (U)Tapper (UE)Tapper (UE) [alt]Tass Times in Tonetown (UE)TechnoCop (E)Technocop (U)Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (E)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Arcade Game (U)Temple of Apshai Trilogy (UE)Temple of Apshai Trilogy (UE) [alt]Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (E) (M2)Terra Cresta (E)Terramex (E)Test Drive (UE)Test Drive 2 - The Duel (E)Test Drive 2 - The Duel (E) [alt]Test Drive 2 - The Duel (U)Test Drive 2 - The Duel (U) [alt]Test Drive 2 - The Duel (U) [alt2]Tetris (U)Tetris (U) [alt]Thai Boxing (E)Three Stooges, The (U)Threshold (UE)Thud Ridge (UE)ThunderBlade (E)ThunderBlade (U)Thundercats (E) (Elite Platinum Vol. 1 Compilation)Thunderchopper (UE) (v1.0)Tilt (E)Time Bound (UE)Time Fighter (UE)Time Fighter (UE) [alt]Time Machine (UE)Time Scanner (UE)Time Tunnel (E)Time Tunnel (E) [alt]Times of Lore (UE)Times of Lore (UE) [alt]Tintin on the Moon (UE)TKO (E)To be on Top (E)Tobruk (UE)Tom & Jerry - Hunting High and Low (U)Tom & Jerry - Hunting High and Low (UE)Tomahawk (U)Tony LaRussa Ultimate Baseball (UE)Top Fuel Eliminator (UE)Top Gun (U)Total Eclipse + Total Eclipse II - The Sphinx Jinx (UE)Total Recall (E) (2 Hot 2 Handle Compilation)Touchdown Football (UE)Tournament Tennis (UE)Toy Bizarre (UE)Track & Field (UE)Trailblazer (UE)Train, The - Escape to Normandy (U)Train, The - Escape to Normandy (U) [alt]Trains (UE)Trans World (G)Transformers - The Battle to Save the Earth (UE)Trantor (E)Tri Math v1 (UE)Triango (UE)Trivial Pursuit - Commodore Genus-Edition (UE)Trivial Pursuit - Die neue Generation (G)Trollie Wallie (UE)Trolls and Tribulations (UE)Turbo Charge (E)Turbo Out Run (E)Turn It II (E)Turrican (E)Turrican (E) [alt]Turrican (E) [alt2]Turrican (U)Turrican II - The Final Fight (E)Turrican II - The Final Fight (UE) [alt]Turtle Toyland Junior (UE)TV Sports Football (UE)Twin Tornado (UE) (supports Serial Link)Twin World (UE) (Six Appeal Compilation)Type Snyper (UE)Typhoon (E)

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