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Listing Shoot 'Em Up games for Atari ST:

1943 (1987)(Probe Software)1943 (1987)(Probe Software)[cr BCS]1943 (1987)(Probe Software)[cr Bladerunners]1943 (1987)(Probe Software)[cr Bladerunners][a]1943 (1987)(Probe Software)[cr Replicants][m Atariforce]Asteroids Deluxe (1987)(Atari)Asteroids Deluxe (1987)(Atari)[a]Blasteroids (1987)(Image Works)(Disk 1 of 2)[!]Blasteroids (1987)(Image Works)(Disk 2 of 2)[!]Blasteroids (1987)(Image Works)[cr Atarilegend][t][One Disk]Blasteroids (1987)(Image Works)[cr Creation][h 512k file version]Blasteroids (1987)(Image Works)[cr Creation][h 512k file version][a]Cabal (1988)(Ocean)[cr Empire][t]Cabal (1988)(Ocean)[cr Empire][t][a]Cannon Fodder (1994)(Virgin)Cannon Fodder (1994)(Virgin)(Disk 1 of 3)[cr Cynix]Cannon Fodder (1994)(Virgin)(Disk 2 of 3)[cr Cynix]Cannon Fodder (1994)(Virgin)(Disk 3 of 3)[cr Cynix]Cannon Fodder (1994)(Virgin)(fr)(Disk 1 of 3)Cannon Fodder (1994)(Virgin)(fr)(Disk 2 of 3)Cannon Fodder (1994)(Virgin)(fr)(Disk 3 of 3)Commando (1989)(Elite)[cr Replicants][t]Darius + (1989)(The Edge)[cr MCA]Galaxia (19xx)(Budgie UK)(LW)Galaxian (1993)(Sinister Developments)(M5)(SW)Galaxian (1993)(Sinister Developments)(M5)(SW)[a]Hades Nebula (1987)(Nexus Software)[cr 42-Crew][t]Jupiter Probe (1987)(Microdeal)Last Duel (1988)(Capcom)Last Duel (1988)(Capcom)[cr MDK][a]Phobia (1989)(Ratt)[cr Berlin Caots]Quartz (1988)(Shirley, Paul)[cr Un-Nameables]R-Type II (1989)(Activision)[cr Elite][t +5]R-Type II (1989)(Activision)[cr Elite][t +5][a]R-Type II (1989)(Irem)(Disk 1 of 2)R-Type II (1989)(Irem)(Disk 2 of 2)Rambo III (1988)(Ocean)Rambo III (1988)(Ocean)[!]Rambo III (1988)(Ocean)[a][!]Rambo III (1988)(Ocean)[cr Bladerunners]Return to Genesis (1988)(Firebird)Return to Genesis (1988)(Firebird)Scramble Spirits (1990)(Grandslam)(Disk 1 of 2)Scramble Spirits (1990)(Grandslam)(Disk 2 of 2)Space Harrier 2 (1990)(Grandslam)[b]Space Invaders (1989-07)(Leong, HC)Space Invaders (1990)(Budgie UK)(LW)Super Space Invaders (1991)(Domark)(Disk 1 of 2)Super Space Invaders (1991)(Domark)(Disk 2 of 2)UN Squadron (1990)(U.S. Gold)[cr Empire][t]UN Squadron (1990)(U.S. Gold)[cr Empire][t][a]Victory Road (1989)(Imagine)[don't work with TOS 1.06 or later][!]Vindicators (1989)(Domark)(Disk 1 of 2)[b]Vindicators (1989)(Domark)(Disk 2 of 2)[b]Xevious (1987)(U.S. Gold)[!]Xevious (1987)(U.S. Gold)[b]Xevious (1987)(U.S. Gold)[cr CSS][b]

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