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1000 Bornes (19xx)(Editions Dujardin)(fr)[h boot Zorro II]10th Frame (1987)(Access)10th Frame (1987)(Access)[cr Blue Adept]10th Frame (1987)(Access)[cr Blue Adept][a]10th Frame (1987)(Access)[cr Blue Adept][a2]10th Frame (1987)(Access)[cr Tsunoo Rhilty][m Noid]12. Jahrhundert, Das (1990)(Dieckmann und Luehring GbR)(de)[cr Vectronix]1943 (1987)(Probe Software)1943 (1987)(Probe Software)[cr BCS]1943 (1987)(Probe Software)[cr Bladerunners]1943 (1987)(Probe Software)[cr Bladerunners][a]1943 (1987)(Probe Software)[cr Replicants][m Atariforce]1st Division Manager (1992)(Codemasters)1st Division Manager (1992)(Codemasters)1st Division Manager (1992)(Codemasters)[a]1st Division Manager (1992)(Codemasters)[m EMT][b]1st Mail v2.18 (1987)(GST)(fr)1st Word Plus v1.89 (1986)(GST)(Disk 1 of 2)1st Word Plus v1.89 (1986)(GST)(Disk 2 of 2)1st Word Plus v2.02 (1986)(GST)(de)1st Word Plus v2.02 (1986)(GST)(de)[Insert in B]1st Word Plus v3.20 (1991)(GST)1st Word Plus v3.20 (1992)(GST)(fr)[m Megaforce]1st Word Plus v4 (199x)(GST)(Disk 1 of 3)[HD]1st Word Plus v4 (199x)(GST)(Disk 2 of 3)[HD]1st Word Plus v4 (199x)(GST)(Disk 3 of 3)[HD]2 in 1 v1.51 (1995-12-12)(Duchalski, Gregor)(fr)20000 Leagues Under The Sea (1988)(Coktel Vision)[cr Big 4]20000 Lieues Sous Les Mers (1988)(Coktel Vision)(fr)[m Atariforce]20000 Meilen Unter Dem Meer (1988)(Coktel Vision)(de)20000 Meilen Unter Dem Meer (1988)(Coktel Vision)(de)[cr EMT]221B Baker Street (1987)(Datasoft)[cr 42-Crew]221B Baker Street (1987)(Datasoft)[cr A-HA]3-D Break Thru (1988)(Antic)3-D Break Thru (1988)(Antic)[a]3D Calc+ v2.3 (19xx)(Schoonjans, Frank)(fr)3D Construction Kit, The (1991)(Domark)(M4)[cr Replicants - ST Amigos][b]3D Construction Kit, The v1.10 (1991)(Domark)(M4)[!]3D Construction Kit, The v1.20 (1991)(Domark)(M4)3D Construction Kit, The v1.20 (1991)(Domark)(M4)[a]3D Construction Kit, The v1.20 (1991)(Domark)(M4)[m Zorro II]3D Molecule Modeler v2.1 (1987)(Erpeh)(PD)3D Pool (1989)(Firebird)[cr Replicants]5th Gear (1988)(Hewson)[cr Replicants][t]6-49 Lotto Picker v1.0 (1987)(Kestell, Phil D.)(PD)8 Ball (1986)(MichTron)8 Ball (1986)(MichTron)[a]9 Lives (1990)(Frames)9 Lives (1990)(Frames)[!]9 Lives (1990)(Frames)[a]9 Lives (1990)(Frames)[a]9 Lives (1990)(Frames)[b]9 Lives (1990)(Frames)[cr Atarilegend][t]9 Lives (1990)(Frames)[cr Empire]9 Lives (1990)(Frames)[cr Empire][a]

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