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Listing Shooter games for 2600:

Asteroid Fire (1983) (Home Vision - Gem International Corp.) (VCS83111) (PAL)Base Attack (1983) (Home Vision - Gem International Corp.) (VCS83113) (PAL)Battlezone (1983) (Atari - GCC, Mike Feinstein) (CX2681)Berzerk (1982) (Atari, Dan Hitchens - Sears) (CX2650 - 49-75168)Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom (1983) (Sega) (005-01)Canyon Bomber (Paddle) (1979) (Atari, David Crane - Sears) (CX2607 - 6-99828, 49-75115)Chopper Command (1982) (Activision, Bob Whitehead) (AX-015, AX-015-04)Commando (1988) (Activision, Mike Reidel) (AK-043-04)Elevator Action (1983) (Atari, Dan Hitchens) (CX26126) (Prototype)Exocet (1982) (Sancho - Tang's Electronic Co.) (TEC001) (PAL)Exocet (1983) (Panda) (109)Flash Gordon (1983) (20th Century Fox Video Games, David Lubar) (11015)Front Line (1984) (Coleco, Ed Temple) (2665)Ikari Warriors (1989) (Atari) (CX26177)Polaris (1983) (Tigervision, Robert H. O'Neil) (7-007)Quadrun (1983) (Atari, Frank Hausman, Steve Woita) (CX2686)Solaris (Universe, The Last Starfighter) (1986) (Atari, Douglas Neubauer) (CX26136)Space Attack (1982) (M Network, Hal Finney, Bruce Pedersen - INTV) (MT5659)Space Invaders (1980) (Atari, Richard Maurer - Sears) (CX2632 - 49-75153)Star Strike (1983) (M Network, David Akers, Patricia Lewis Du Long - INTV) (MT4313)Star Voyager (1982) (Imagic, Bob Smith) (720000-201, 720102-1B, IA3201)Star Wars - The Arcade Game (1984) (Parker Brothers, Wilfredo 'Willy' Aguilar, Michael Becker, Neil McKenzie, Bob Smith, Brad Stewart) (PB5540)Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back (1982) (Parker Brothers, Rex Bradford, Sam Kjellman) (PB5050)Stargate (1984) (Atari, Andrew Fuchs) (CX26120)Stargunner (1982) (Telesys, Alex Leavens) (1005)Super Cobra (1982) (Parker Brothers, Mike Brodie) (PB5320)Survival Run (1983) (Data Age) (Prototype)Survival Run (Cosmic Commander) (1983) (Milton Bradley) (4362)Time Pilot (1983) (Coleco, Harley H. Puthuff Jr.) (2663)Wall-Defender (AKA Wall Break) (1983) (Bomb - Onbase) (CA285)Warplock (Paddle) (1982) (Data Age) (DA1002)Wizard (1980) (Atari, Chris Crawford) (Prototype)Wizard of Wor (1982) (CBS Electronics, Joe Hellesen) (M8774, M8794)Zaxxon (1982) (Coleco) (2454)

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