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Galactic Commander (198x)(Program Power) [UEF]Galactic Patrol (198x)(-) [UEF]Galadriel In Distress (198x)(Potter Programs) [UEF]Galaforce (1986)(Superior Software Ltd.) [SSD]Galaforce (1986)(Superior Software) [UEF]Galaforce 2 (1988)(Superior Software-Acornsoft) [UEF]Galilee (198x)(Shards Software) [UEF]Gatecrasher (198x)(Quicksilva) [UEF]Gauntlet (1984)(Micro Power) [SSD]Gauntlet (198x)(Micropower) [UEF]Gauntlet (198x)(Micropower)[a] [UEF]Ghouls (198x)(M. Male)[b] [UEF]Gisburne's Castle (198x)(Superior Software) [UEF]Go (198x)(Acornsoft) [UEF]Goal (1986)(TyneSoft)[a] [SSD]Goal (1986)(Tynesoft)[b] [UEF]Golden Figurine, The (198x)(-) [UEF]Golf (1987)(Blue Ribbon) [SSD]Golf (1987)(Blue Ribbon) [UEF]Gorph (1984)(Doctor Soft) [UEF]Graham Gooch's Test Cricket (198x)(Audiogenic Software Ltd.) [UEF]Graham Gooch's Test Cricket (198x)(Audiogenic Software Ltd.)[a] [UEF]Grandmaster Quiz Series - Brian Aldiss - Science Fiction Quiz (1983)(Acornsoft-Ivan Berg Software) [UEF]Grandmaster Quiz Series - Crime and Detection (1983)(Acornsoft-Ivan Berg Software) [UEF]Grandmaster Quiz Series - History Quiz (1983)(Acornsoft-Ivan Berg Software) [UEF]Great Wall, The (1986)(Artic Computing-Unicorn Software) [UEF]Greedy Dwarf (1984)(Dorling Kindersley Software)[b] [UEF]Gremlins - The Adventure (1983)(Adventure International) [UEF]Grid Iron (198x)(Top Ten) [UEF]Guardian (1984)(Aligata Software) [SSD]Guardian (1984)(Aligata Software) [UEF]Guardian (1984)(Aligata Software)[a] [UEF]Gunfighter (198x)(Telegram) [UEF]Gunfighter (19xx)(Telegram) [SSD]Gunsmoke (198x)(Software Invasion) [UEF]Gyroscope (1985)(Melbourne House-Catalyst Coders) [UEF]

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