Game Boy Translations:

Game: File Download: Completion:
Japanese to English Translations    
Adventure of Arle 100% completed
Color GameBoy Wars 2 100% completed
GameBoy Wars Turbo 100% completed
Daisenryaku Gameboy 100% completed
Gamera 20% completed
Harvest Moon GBC 2 100% completed
Hello Kitty Magic Museum N/A
Pokemon Card jap-pokecard_ips N/A completed
Pokemon Card V1.4 N/A completed
Pokemon Gold 60% completed
Pokemon Green N/A
Pokemon Red 20% completed
Pokemon Silver 100% completed
Riki Kunio N/A
Urusei Yatsura jap-urusei 20% completed
Sanrio Carnival 100% completed

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Total no. of Translations = 101
|Japanese - English = 64 | English - French = 20 |
| English - German = 17 |

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