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I am the primary uploader for EP. I have been with this place for what seems like forever and have loved every moment of it. My favorite things to do nowadays are to browse through the EP boards and play video games. Usually a Final Fantasy if anything. I haven't been an uploader forever though. No, it took a few e-mails and some recognition to get where I am today. The jobs that I do, here on ep is mostly upload stuff. I am a moderator at the bittorrent tracker, an admin of the New Releases section. People refer to me as the king there. :P I am also the uploader-on-request. If MasJ asks for something to be uploaded, it will get there. (sooner or later) I am known as W2.0 at the Forums. (At least thatís what it was when I wrote this :D)

My favorite game is FFX. I love this game because the story is sooo deep and the characters are pretty good. But the real reason I bought it was because of the superb graphics. I hadn't seen anything quite like it before. Sadly, it was the first one I played, so now I am sorta working my way backwards. (I'm currently on FF8) My favorite band is separated throughout a number of them. I like Linkin Park, Slipknot, Disturbed, Rob Zombie, and a lot of other stuff but I listen to Slipknot most. Metal RULES.

I have a nice game collection. At least for my standards. 130 something PSX games, USA N64 goodset. Itís all I need. I'm not all-lingual. Snes usa goodset, NES universal goodset, lots of GBA games but these are only because of my job at EP.

Here are my computer specs. Heh, why not?

* Intel Pentium 4 2.00 GHz (not the best but I donít emulate much on this beast anymore)
* 512 Ram (thatís all I know. This is a dell pc and I get what I get)
* nVidia GeForce 4 MX 420
* CD-RW drive at 32x
* DVD+RW drive at 12x
* Gamepads: Microsoft Sidewinder pad, Gemini Axis Pad (PIECE OF CRAP, THERE), Saitek P150, Saitek P880, and finally a psx-pc adapter. (I love this thing to pieces. Not literally, of course. :P)
* 19in Dell Monitor
* Onboard sound
* USB "Dell by Logitech" mouse
* Standard Dell keyboard.
* Harmon/Kardon speaker system, Altec Lansing (mega bass :D), and some ghetto speakers from my old 486 computer. All of these are merged with a 3 to 1 plug from Radio Shack. (8 BUCKS!)
* Windows XP Professional


New Releases King
Wang 2.0 (thanks go out to Gospel for this name)

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