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Hi, most of you guys know me as "Master Vivi" but I have recently changed my name to "Sprite Child". Well, now that you know this let's get started shall we? Ok well I am a great friend of Winged 2.0's and he is the one who got me where I am today! I have great respect for him because he is such a great guy!

Well I joined EP around March 2004 which isn't to long ago but it seems like forever i have recently started uploading iso's to EP and those are my favorite thing's to upload, I also help out with the New Releases section when ever possible. Well my hobbies consist of Roller blading, Playing Hockey, Browsing the EP forums, Talking to CCDART, Winged 2.0, and MasJ on msn and I now consider uploading a hobbie because it is really fun and I take great pride in my work. I also enjoy going to friend's houses and skate boarding! My Favorite game I have ever played and beaten all the way through would have to be Chrono Cross Or Final Fantasy 9 because the deep story line's. Which most of you can probably tell since my name was "Master Vivi" and my Avatar and Signature is Dark Serge.

Well, moving right along. I love to listin to music I like Slipknot, and Linkin Park but my favorite would have to be Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker's. Well i have a pretty nice size game library and I have 53 PSX game's, It's getting bigger everyday! I also have 54 game's in total that i have actually bought That consist's of everything from Nes up to Xbox. The game I currently am playing is Phantasy Star Online. I also am a big Ragnarok Online freak, if any of you play I go by the name of "Viper" as go's for Phantasy Star Online. I Currently live in the United States of America, I have never traveled outside of my country but I really do plan on going to Sweden and meeting some EP member's that have became my friend's Over the past 8 months that I have been around.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about my life and what I like to do. I have to go now so look forward to those PSX Updates! and meet me at the Forums!


Computer Specs Processor : Dell 2400 | Intel P4 2GHZ
Ram : 256 mb
GFX : Intel 3D Extreme Onboard w/ 64 mb ram
Hard drive : 60 gig
Roms : A Lot, Mainly GBA
PSX ISOs : A Bunch
DC ISOS : None
OS : XP Home
Optical drives: 48X CD-RW
Connection: 256k DSL

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