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Hey its me knowitman. I have been at EP for about a year and a half now. This has been and always will be my favorite web community. I like Winged 2.0 upload many games to the servers and moderate the BT tracker. I can also upload to the new releases section. Well enough of that. I really like emulation and think it is a great thing. I am not much of a person on pirating current gen games though. At least give the game companies some support or else they won't be around.

I am currently 16 and have my license. I can just drive around. If you are ever in Calvert City, KY, you can probably see me in my black F-150 STX. It's sharp! I got it for a Christmas present last year. You should just come to say hi. We have southern hospitality and plus Kentucky is just a great place to live. I love rural areas because you know everyone.

I am a big fan of music. I am in the local marching band. We have been to national competitions and faired pretty well. I am also a fan of classic and soft rock. You can give me some Boston, Gun's N Roses, Led Zeppelin, Eagles, Aerosmith, AC/DC, and many more in the same genre any day. Did I mention Queen? They are my favorite. I can listen to the Bohemian Rhapsody for hours on end.

Who can forget the movies. Comedies are just the best. Some great movies are Ferris Beulers Day Off, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Tommy boy, Black Sheep, Dodgeball, and Wayne's World. Those are all must sees. I like other kinds of movies though. Movies like Gladiator, King Arthur, and Ocean's 11. Not only are these great movies they also have great soundtracks which you should go buy.

I guess that since this is an emulation site I should talk a little about how I got into it. I was in youth group at church one sunday night (yes I am religious, a baptist) and some friends a couple years older then me started talking about playing GBC games on their computer. Well this of course interested me. I asked them questions and they showed me a few sites. Well I did that a little. I got out of it though for a couple years until I heard some more friends of mine talkin about MAME. Well that reminded me of emulation. I decided that I would then look more into it. After a long time of searching I came upon EP. The rest is history.


Computer Specs Processor : AMD Athlon XP 3000+
Ram : 1024 mb
GFX : GeForce FX 5200 w/ 128 mb ram
Hard drive : 280 gigs (120 gb + 160gb)
Roms : too many to count (several goodsets)
PSX ISOs : a lot
DC ISOS : a few
OS : XP Pro
Optical drives: DVD+RW and DVD-ROM
Game pads : Sidewinder Precision Pro and Adaptoid

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