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My Info:

Name: Jeff
Location: Safer place in this world..... uh.... on the Enterprise with Jean-Luc Picard ;-)
Best game ever: Quake One with that rockey launcher, then da railgun.... then UT..... and UT2 will be next =) Let's rock!
Best trip ever: Norway
Worst moment ever: When Sarcast kicked my ass at UT
My wish: Man, going 4 years back to kick Sar's butt!!! That's what it does when you are busy with your real life!!
Goal in life: Getting better that Ganondorf, nahhh I'm kidding about that one, ganon is too nice for that. Well... hmm... having more time to be able to have a girlfriend.
Best drink: Sex on the beach, you gonna try that one when you get the legal age ;-)
Favorite English words: "hmm" and "well" (I always use them in any context... I don't know why)

- Keener

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