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Welcome to the Metal Gear Solid 2 Soundtrack download page. The soundtrack has been requested by a very large number of visitors, and thus, to please you all, we've put up the soundtrack, the complete MGS2 soundtrack in 192kbps MP3! So what are you waiting for, go ahead and download it, it features one of the best soundtracks on a game yet.
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Name: Size:
01 Metal Gear Solid 2 - Main Theme 3584Kb
02 Opening Infiltration 3542Kb
03 Russian Soldiers From Kasatka 2182Kb
04 Olga Gurlukovich 2005Kb
05 Metal Gear 1614Kb
06 Revolver Ocelot 1981Kb
07 Ray Escapes 2662Kb
08 Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday - Piano Version 3852Kb
09 Big Shell 1968Kb
10 Fortune 2921Kb
11 Kill Me Now! 967Kb
12 Vamp 1393Kb
13 The World Needs Only One Big Boss 1669Kb
14 It's The Harrier! 932Kb
15 Arsenal Is Going To Take Off! 1514Kb
16 Who Am I Really ? 2422Kb
17 Can't Say Goodbye To Yesterday - Full Version 7100Kb

Enjoy the great sounds of Konami's new game, and support forever.
What more do we ask for ? ;-)


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