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PSX Rips

Welcome to the PSX Rips section. Sometimes don't you think there's a lot of extra stuff in a game and all you want to do is just play it ? Sometimes you want to 'just' try out a game before buying it rather than playing the whole thing in all it's completeness and well, PSX games seldom have demos. Consider this section dedicated to PSX 'demos'. A very nice idea by emu_kidid, we're going to provide you with as many PSX game Rips as we can make/find. PSX rips are made by taking out certain things from a game, say FMV sequences or music so that we can make the game file size a lot smaller than it actually is. This, in a way benefits users on dialup connections since they can download and play the same games now, for less. So take a look at our PSX Rips section, and don't forget to vote for
Thanks go out to emu_kidid for working on and maintaining this section.


Destruction Derby [NTSC] - 4.2MB

Dead or Alive [NTSC] - 18MB

Driver [PAL] - 21MB

GTA 2 [PAL] - 28MB

International Karate [NTSC] - 594KB

Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter [NTSC] - 18MB

Pocket Fighter [NTSC] - 13MB

Ridge Racer 4 [PAL] - 12MB

Ridge Racer [NTSC] - 1.5MB

Rockman X4 [NTSC] - 11MB

Rockman X5 [NTSC] - 8.4MB

Soul Edge [ NTSC] - 17MB

Street Fighter EX2 [NTSC] - 15MB


We'll be adding more rips to this section from time to time, so do feel free to bookmark this page and return sometime later!!

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