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Zorlon's PSX Mods


Welcome to Zorlon's PSX mods. In this section, we present to you (courtesy: Zorlon) PSX titles with special modifications. Also, we bring to you some brand new compilations, which help you do new wonderful things with your packed away Playstation. So don't wait any longer, start downloading right now. You'll find these amazing mods, only here at emuparadise!

If you have any questions or comments, please visit this thread.

Zelda Cartoon Collection Vol.1 (U) [SLUS_001EP]

Hard to fathom what this is just from the title, right ? Well, it's two episodes of the Zelda cartoon. Yes, the idea of a Nintendo character on a Playstation is indeed funny, but then again, you can burn this ISO and pop it into your Playstatuon and watch it on your television. It features a nice menu too. Absolutely homebrew and FMV quality videos. Ofcourse, you could also use an FMV Player to view what's on the disk in conjunction with daemon's tools.
Hope you enjoy this great idea, we'll be coming out with more of these as time goes by. Feel free to leave your feedback in this thread on our forums!

Download: [ 535MB ]
File 01 [100MB]
File 02 [100MB]
File 03 [100MB]
File 04 [100MB]
File 05 [100MB]
File 06 [35MB]
NFO [3.8KB]

Resident Evil Directors cut PSX (Uncut)

Remember Resident Evil for the PSX ? Remember the lame FMV's which were in black and white and some of them which were cut at some places ? Yeah, those definitely were pretty bad. Anyway, Zorlon had this incredibly amazing idea of obtaining the uncut editions and then putting them into the PSX games. This took a lot of work but finally, we're ready with the release of the RE:DC Uncut PSX Version. So download right away and add this gem to your PSX collection!

Download: [ 435MB ]
File 01 [100MB]
File 02 [100MB]
File 03 [100MB]
File 04 [35MB]

Wesker Report (U) [SLUS_008EP]

Straight from the NFO.
"Wesker Report originally came with limmited editions of the Resident Evil Code Veronica for the PS2 Also included on this disc is some footage from the never released version of Resident Evil 2 aka Biohazard 1.5 as well as the video of the uncut intro movie for the original Resident Evil."

Download: [ 433MB ]
File 01 [101MB]
File 02 [101MB]
File 03 [100MB]
File 04 [100MB]
File 05 [31MB]
NFO [4.0KB]

Monopoly [Emuparadise Special] (U) [SLUS_100EP]
Monopoly [Emuparadise Special] is great little mod of Monopoly.All cards including place cards have been replaced with ones that are related to Emuparadise and the emulation/console scene.
Basically a MUCH more interesting monopoly than the standard for years. Try it out, it's fun. Zorlon worked especially hard on this one. You should check it out and see the wonderful goodies in here : ).

Download: [ 203.6MB ]
File 01 [100MB]
File 02 [100MB]
File 03 [3.6MB]
NFO [3.0KB]



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