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Best of Emuparadise
Wild Arms (PSX)
Uploaded by Ragnar

By all standards, Wild Arms is a pretty dated title. Released on April 30th, 1997 it stands out as a gem of an RPG. There are few games which can match the calibre of Wild Arms. So what is special about this particular game ? For one, Wild Arms puts together a very delightful mesh of different gameplay styles and thus doesn't feel like a traditional RPG title. (while at the same time making sure you perceive it as an RPG) Character development is done differently in Wild Arms. Instead of just reading the history of your characters, you're plunged into mini-adventures which give you background information on your characters past. Then your characters meet and well, you take the story on from there.

A group called the Metal Demons has basically set out to destroy the planet and it's your job to stop them. Cliched, perhaps ? Well, to make it interesting you have several interesting characters as well as many elements of an RPG with it's roots in Japanese mythology (Demons, Gods, etc.).

Graphically, Wild Arms is probably not the best PS RPG around. However, the 3D monster battles and special effects are good throughout the game. With it's involving gameplay which features RPG elements as well as action platformer elements, it's sure to keep you hooked for atleast 40-50 hours. The soundtrack in Wild Arms can really be described as invigorating. The music is really well composed and goes a long way in setting the atmosphere in the game. You should also make it a point to check out the soundtrack at our Soundtracks Section (Opens in a new window).

Anyway, enough banter for now, enjoy this edition of our Best of Emuparadise series. Remember that this ISO was uploaded for you by Ragnar, from our forums. Please do thank him for the wonderful work, and keep coming back for more!

Download Links:
Wild Arms File 01 [50MB]
Wild Arms File 02 [50MB]
Wild Arms File 03 [50MB]
Wild Arms File 04 [50MB]
Wild Arms File 05 [31MB]
Wild Arms SFV File [234b]

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Wild Arms (U) Manual

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