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Best of Emuparadise
Syphon Filter (PSX)
Recommended by The Grey Walrus

In the game you play as gabe Logan/Lian Xing who works for a washington dc based "agency" which is bent on stopping some mysterious power form attacking society with a virus called..."Syphon Filter". Of course, the game features fast paced action in a third person perspective where the normal movement of camera is well controlled because of a well structured auto aim feature. Your artillery is psyched bombs to guns to hand tasers. You are the walking talking "Electrocute any wiseguy in my face" dude who may eventually stop the bad guy by destroying the world. This is definitely a must play and has well built levels, storylines, characters,so forth... Anyone who wants a share of the terroristic game that started the craze chain must play this. Syphon filter is more than a virus plus where else do we get a fox molder-skully relationship going on between agents in a playstation game???

Enjoy this edition of our Best of Emuparadise series, and keep coming back for more!

Download Links:
Syphon Filter File 01 [110MB]
Syphon Filter File 02 [110MB]
Syphon Filter File 03 [110MB]
Syphon Filter File 04 [67MB]

Front Cover:

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