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EP Halloween Special
Resident Evil III Nemesis(PSX)
Uploaded by M79

Resident Evil III by Capcom refines the RE series even further by delivering an amazing gameplay experience for the third time in a row. In this title you play once more as Jill Valentine who returns to Raccoon City. Once she gets there she realises that the entire Umbrella incident (from RE1) has been swept under the rug and things are like nothing ever took place. The events of Resident Evil III Nemesis take place the night before Resident Evil II.

The graphics in this masterpiece from Capcom are brilliant. The character models are at a higher resolution than the previous games and the environments feature the same kind of textures seen in the previous RE titles. The sound as well as immersion in REIII are something to take note of. The game has a beautiful musical score and the sound effects shall definitely keep you immersed in the environment. As far as gameplay is concerned, there are a few new aspects in REIII that were not a part of the previous RE titles for example, Nemesis shall keep shooting rockets at you, there's an option to dodge whenever an enemy takes aim and fires at you.

The puzzles in REIII are new and varied. Infact, there's a lot less pointless puzzles in REIII than in the previous RE titles. This is good as you don't usually end up going on wild goose chases. REIII is definitely a winner from the house of Capcom. If you don't get this game, you're definitely missing something!

Download Links:
Resident Evil III Nemesis File 01 [49MB]
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Resident Evil III Nemesis File 05 [49MB]
Resident Evil III Nemesis File 06 [49MB]
Resident Evil III Nemesis File 07 [46MB]

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