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Best of Emuparadise
Pac-Man World (PSX)
Uploaded by Cookie Monster

Pac Man World was released on the Playstation almost 20 years after the original Pac-Man. As such, it is an EXCELLENT platform title with engaging 3D levels and the old find the key open the lock gameplay mechanic. You're taken through a number of different levels. Our protagonist (no pun intended..) Pac Man, can pull off a number of smooth moves to aid him in his adventure.

As far as the story goes, Toc-Man has kidnapped Ms. Pac Man and a few other contemporaries. It's payback time and Pac Man must rescue his folks. You basically go through over 30 different mazes in various 3D levels to finish the game. You can spin roll and rev run through areas that are normally too difficult for our limb-less Pac Man to traverse :P

Enjoy this edition of our Best of Emuparadise series, and keep coming back for more!

Download Links:
Pac Man World PSX File 01 [49MB]
Pac Man World PSX File 02 [49MB]
Pac Man World PSX File 03 [49MB]
Pac Man World PSX File 04 [49MB]
Pac Man World PSX File 05 [49MB]
Pac Man World PSX File 06 [49MB]
Pac Man World PSX File 07 [47MB]

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