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The Best of Emuparadise
Mortal Kombat II (J)
Uploaded by Cosmic


The Best of Emuparadise is a feature where we put up some of the rarest gaming goodies lying around with our site and forum staff. There are lots of games which in this day and age are really hard to find. Every week, we shall select two of these titles and put them up on EP as part of the 'Best of Emuparadise' feature. So check back every so often to see what new stuff is up on offer!

Mortal Kombat II (J) was uploaded to our servers by none other than our veteran (retro) forum administrator Cosmic. Three cheers for him for this wonderful first contribution to the Best of Emuparadise feature. :)

MK II for the PSX was released only in Japan. The game itself is so rare that you would be hard pressed to find plausible references to it even on reputed (and vast..) gaming websites.

It is basically a cross between MKII for the SNES and the arcade versions of the title. Ofcourse, taking full advantage of the Playstation's capabilities the game does indeed deliver a decent package. Taking into account the fact that the game was released on 8th of August 1996, you should bear in mind what to expect from a 10 year old title : ).

If you consider yourself a fighting genre fan worth some salt, we'd like to say that you should definitely add this title to your collection. Plus, it's a small download ; ).

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Mortal Kombat II (J) [32MB]

Front Cover:

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