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EP Halloween Special
Medievil II (PSX)
Uploaded by Ragnar

MediEvil II was released by Sony on April 30th, 2000, almost two years after the release of the first MediEvil title. MediEvil II takes a new spin on the MediEvil series and changes the way the gameplay works. Infact, the game adds many new elements that make this title completely different from the first one. In this game, Sir Dan, wakes up in a totally different era. An evil magician is trying to take over the world by creating an army of undeads. Sir Dan decides that it's his job to stop this from happening.

MediEvil II starts off as a game which looks and feels similar to the first title, however, after a few minutes of being in the game you realise that it is an entirely different animal. This time, Sir Dan picks up two sidekicks who shall help him on his mission. Also, you can play as Sir Dan's head or as Sir Dan himself during certain parts, this adds a new aspect to the already varied gameplay in this title.

MediEvil II shall not fail to surprise you especially if you've played the first one. The game has changed a lot and yet retains what was good from the first part. Definitely a must try title!

Download Links:
MediEvil II File 01 [50MB]
MediEvil II File 02 [50MB]
MediEvil II File 03 [50MB]
MediEvil II File 04 [50MB]
MediEvil II File 05 [50MB]
MediEvil II File 06 [8.7MB]
MediEvil II SFV File [278b]

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

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