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Legend of Legaia
Uploaded by M79 (Michael)

Legend of Legaia was released by Sony on 17th March, 1999. The game has many elements that are similar to Wild Arms, and with good reason too. This title was developed by an internal team at Sony headed by Takahiro Kaneko who was also the producer of Wild Arms. It's only obvious that the game matches up to the high standards set by Wild Arms and also in many respects surpasses them.

The story features three bold adventurers Vahn, Noah and Gaia. Your objective is to defeat a terrible evil that surrounds the planet in the form of a mist. The most notable thing about this title is the battle system. Instead of being menu driven as in traditional RPG's, the game jumps into a full on 3D button mashing fest everytime you encounter a foe. While it's no King Of Fighters clone, the game keeps you entertained with a fast paced battle system. You also learn new skills called "Super Arts" as you progress in the game.

The entire game is in 3D. The attention to detail is somewhat startling considering the fact that when you upgrade your inventory such as weapons, armour, etc. it is clearly visible the next time you enter battle. This RPG was ignored somewhat due to the impending arrival of Final Fantasy VIII during that time. You may have missed this title earlier, but don't give yourself that chance now. It's an excellent RPG, definitely worth your 50 odd hours : )

Download Links:
Legend of Legaia File 01 [49MB]
Legend of Legaia File 02 [49MB]
Legend of Legaia File 03 [49MB]
Legend of Legaia File 04 [49MB]
Legend of Legaia File 05 [30MB]

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