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Final Fantasy IV (J)
Uploaded by Xena


Final Fantasy IV (J) for the Playstation was released on March 21st, 1997. By the standards of RPG's by then, it was reviewed by most gaming agencies as "dated". However, the fact that Final Fantasy IV for the Playstation was a direct port of the same title (released in 1991) on the Super Nintendo made such arguments meaningless. After all, a rehash of the same game will essentially remain the same.

The formula was the same as the one used for Chrono Trigger. Final Fantasy IV was ported to the Playstation, cutscenes added, and then released to the market for mass consumption. Final Fantasy IV (SNES) is undoubtedly one of the best RPG's ever concieved. It even saw a remake on the Gameboy Advance. The same Final Fantasy can be played on the Playstation by folks who would prefer playing it that way.

This title is very rare for the Playstation, it's an original Japanese import by Xena who's been kind enough to rip it and upload it to our servers. Kudos to her for that! So if you're an FF4 fan, or you have never played FF4, this title is worth checking out! It is definitely a title worth having in any collection.

Download Links:
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Final Fantasy 4 (J) File 11 [20MB]
Final Fantasy 4 (J) File 12 [20MB]
Final Fantasy 4 (J) File 13 [2.4MB]

Front Cover:

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