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Dino Crisis
Uploaded by Michael


Dino Crisis was released by Capcom on August 31, 1999. Capcom are also the makers of the Resident Evil series, thus, similarities between Dino Crisis and Resident Evil were bound to occur. However, while following similar control schemes and using a similar rendering engine, Dino Crisis stands out as a title that can hold it's own.

From the back cover:

    Raw instinct takes over in this new adrenaline-pumping journey into Survival Horror. Something is terribly wrong. Your covert mission to infiltrate an isolated, research compound, has gone haywire.. now you find yourself pursued by a relentless pre-historic terror. Suddenly, your mission becomes a desperate fight for survival.

The game is basically a horror survival game same as the Resident Evil series. The eerie soundtrack really packs a punch and a simple journey down a corridor can make your skin tingle. The best way to play is with the lights off, and the volume up, that is, if you can handle it.

Dino Crisis is an amazing adventure in the Jurassic. Enjoy your foray into the pre-historic with this wonderful title from Capcom.

Download Links:
Dino Crisis File 01 [49MB]
Dino Crisis File 02 [49MB]
Dino Crisis File 03 [49MB]
Dino Crisis File 04 [49MB]
Dino Crisis File 05 [21MB]

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

Dino Crisis (NTSC US) Manual

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