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The Nintendo 64 was Nintendo's answer to the Sony Playstation. However, the answer was a little late, and although the system could crunch much more graphics than the playstation, the critical mistake that Nintendo made was to use cartridges in it's system. This decision was ONLY because cartridges had less load times. However, the games became expensive and less in number because of this, and lots of developers did not go along with Nintendo. Even then, the Nintendo 64 was an amazing system with a sparkling lineup of great games. Games such as Goldeneye, The World is not Enough, Perfect Dark, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Zelda, Banjo Kazooie, are all games for the Nintendo64. The Nintendo64 had a 64-bit pipeline to it's processor as opposed to the sony playstation's 32bit and sega dreamcast's 128bit.

Nintendo64 emulation is at quite a mature stage already and the games for it can be played on emulators. Some of the games can also be played perfectly OR sometimes even with better graphics. The Nintendo64 roms section is still under development. We are adding roms almost everyday and soon hope to have a large roms selection for you to download from. Please choose the letter with which your game starts to view/download the selected game.

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