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The Nintendo Gameboy Advance was released in Japan and the United States in mid-2001. The launch titles of the GBA were of the highest quality and a steady flow of great releases for this system has helped it to sell over 1 million units worldwide already! The GBA has a 32-bit processor at it's centre and also features some great graphics and sound. Currently, the most powerful handheld gaming system with a great arsenal of special effects. Nintendo's handheld flagship has topped the charts again and captivated a large number of gamers all over the world. Also, due to the heavy number of expansion options on the GBA and a 4 player link system, the GBA has excelled in the handheld multiplayer arena.

The GBA has a great selection of games and we at hope to bring to you a complete and good selection of gameboy advance titles. GBA emulation is already quite advanced because of the early development. The best GBA emulators are featured on and you can grab them from our emulators section. Also, you can get all the best roms from this section. Please vote for the site and also visit our sponsors since this shall only help us in getting better everyday!

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This list does not include the names of the Japanese and European versions of every game, however, we have those versions also available for download from the respective download pages. Please post your comments and requests on our message boards. Thanks for visiting

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