Dreamcast - Jet Set Radio ISO

Jet Grind Radio is a game that is unique, in every sense of the word. It's a game that's pure fun. With a catchy storyline, and some excellent cel-shaded graphics to boot, this game is something every dreamcast owner should atleast get a taste of. The objective is simple. In an imaginary city called Tokyo-To, there are gangs of kids that move around on powered roller blades and paint graffiti all over the city. These gangs compete with each other and you basically control the GG's (one particular group..). I won't give you any more details since the story line is very unique (and funny..). You start off with some basic training moves and then move onto more advanced stuff.

The game is the same as Jet Set Radio. (It was called Jet Set Radio in Japan and Europe..) Sometimes the camera does get a bit bothersome since if you're in a tight spot, it might give you a strange display...

In conclusion, Jet Grind Radio is an excellent title, with beautiful graphics, an excellent soundtrack and gameplay!

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The ISO we have is the complete Jet Grind Radio. However, due to conventional CD-ROMs only supporting upto 800MB of data, some of the music has been repacked into a lower bitrate. Rest assured, you will not even notice a difference, so enjoy the game!

Note: This game is NOT Self Boot. You will need a Boot Disc to boot this game. The procedure is quite simple, just download the Boot Disc ISO and create a Boot Disc for yourself. (we've provided the Boot Disc below..). This game WILL work on a Dreamcast from ANY region.

You can play it in Chanka, albeit slowly.

Download Jet Grind Radio for Sega Dreamcast

Boot Disc Download:

Utopia Boot Disc (1.5Mb)
Utopia Boot Disc NFO (2.9Kb)

CD Covers: (front and back)


Jet Grind Radio Manual (PDF) - We couldn't find the Jet Set Radio Manual Scan anywhere. However, Jet Grind Radio, like said above is similar in almost all respects, so you can use this manual as a reference point. We will update this space if we find a JSR Manual scan.

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