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Don't you sometimes wish for a few 2D games ? Well, I do, and by far my favorite genre in 2D would be the awesome 2D shooters of the past. Well, with Ikaruga, you can relive those wonderful moments. Ofcourse, it's not all a drab old experience repackaged. It's 2D shooters redefined with new ideas, new dynamics, and thrilling gameplay!

What's wonderful about Ikaruga is what I like calling the colour switching system. Well, in short, there are these two different types of enemies, red and blue, and you can do a quick switcheroo of your own spacecraft's colour. Simply put, when you're red, red enemy fire doesn't damage you and when you're blue, blue enemy fire doesn't damage you. This results in a mad colour switching gameplay which is very well implemented throughout the game and really adds to the gameplay experience. It's hard to describe here, so why not try this really different space shooter yourself ?

Crisp visuals (high resolution objects..) and very smooth animation. Lots of maddening situations with the screen practically full of enemies, very enjoyable for the average space shooter fan! Check it out!

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This ISO is a self boot image. So all you need to do is burn it and pop it into your dreamcast and it should work!

You can play it in Chanka, albeit slowly. The ISO will be seeded by our server so you should be able to notch up an excellent speed! Just download the torrent, grab a torrent client (if you don't have one..) and head on your way to some happy downloading!

Download Ikaruga for Sega Dreamcast
Please leave your torrent client open after your download completes and SEED the file! This helps other people download and keeps the community alive!

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Boot Disc Download:

Utopia Boot Disc (1.5Mb)
Utopia Boot Disc NFO (2.9Kb)

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