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Crazy Taxi II is the follow-up to the smash-hit Crazy Taxi which was released on the Dreamcast in it's early years. You are a (crazy..) taxi driver and your job is basically to deliver fares to their destination. Ofcourse, simple as it sounds, there's a time limit, bonuses, and crazy driving involved. The game has a soundtrack featuring notables such as The Offspring amongst other bands.

Crazy Taxi II and I differ mainly in the sense that in Crazy Taxi II your taxi can perform a crazy jump which basically changes the gameplay experience quite a bit since you can now jump off highways and get closer to your destination thus earning a bigger time bonus.

The graphics are top notch and the cities are vast. Overall, Crazy Taxi II can fill your day with a LOT of fun! Just give it a shot, if you haven't played it before.

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This ISO is a self boot image. So all you need to do is burn it and pop it into your dreamcast and it should work!

You can play it in Chanka, albeit slowly. The ISO will be seeded by our server so you should be able to notch up an excellent speed! Just download the torrent, grab a torrent client (if you don't have one..) and head on your way to some happy downloading!

Download Crazy Taxi 2 for Sega Dreamcast Please leave your torrent client open after your download completes and SEED the file! This helps other people download and keeps the community alive!

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Boot Disc Download:

Utopia Boot Disc (1.5Mb)
Utopia Boot Disc NFO (2.9Kb)

CD Covers: (front and back)


Crazy Taxi II (PDF)

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