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The Ring (Sega Dreamcast)
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Most gamers know the well-known fact that games based on movies tend to be complete trash. Well, in this game, the cliche isn't wrong. The Ring, while may be entertaining for those with a penchant for survival horror, is a pure disappointment to those who look for a little more than zombie bashing in a game. The title reeks of a "Resident Evil Wannabe" attitude, but none of the elements in the game are implemented properly.

The protagonist is Meg Rainman, who, one day, finds that her boyfriend Robert has died of unexplained causes. Upon booting up his laptop she sees only the word "Ring" and this in some way transfers her into a world where she is a soldier and has to fight various characters. Inexplicable.

The graphics in this title are strangely awkward. Meg will keep wearing this idiosynchronous smile throughout the game regardless of what is actually happening. If the effect that the developers wanted to create was eerie awkwardness, then they surely have succeeded.

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