The Best of Emuparadise
Star Wars Compilation
(Star Wars Demolition, Jedi Power Battles, Racer)
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As part of our Best Of Emuparadise special, we bring to you an enormous download, of all three Star Wars titles for the Dreamcast in one large file!

Star Wars Demolition is a vehicular combat game. In essence, the story says that podracing has been made illegal by the Empire. Thus, folks have turned to vehicular combat for their regular entertainment. The dreamcast graphics given to this title make it look quite good and there is also a four way combat option which means fun for the whole family. It's like Vigilante 8 with Star War looks.

Star Wars Episode I - Jedi Power Battles is an action title which features (quite obviously..) the leading protagonists of Episode I, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon as selectable characters alongwith others from the council such as Windu and Gallia. Each of them has different abilities which add some flavour to the title. The view provided in the game is a third person kind of view and you basically head through different levels slashing and burning people with your light saber. If that sounds like fun to you, then this title is definitely a must have for you geek-boy :P. The game is a direct port from the Playstation version but ofcourse has received an upgrade graphically. All in all, it's a decent title for a Star Wars fan to check out, it doesn't offer you anything new as far as gameplay is concerned, however, there's something so addictive about swinging a light saber and killing baddies : ).

Star Wars Episode I - Racer features the pod racing part of Episode I as it's only ingredient. Ofcourse, some extra garnishing has been thrown in to make this one a real delicacy. You've got ofcourse the desert world of Tatooine, and seven additional planets. You've also got twenty different tracks to race on and many different pilots to choose from including young Anakin Skywalker. The basic premise is to seat yourselves into the cockpit of a pod drawn by two powerful starship engines and race for all you're worth at speeds in excess of 600 miles per hour. So what does the dreamcast version offer you ? Well, high framerates. The worlds are beautifully designed but that doesn't slow down the game at all. You still continue racing at breakneck speeds and sometimes you tend to look away from the track to take in the scenery around you, and that's when you crash. Also, the physics and crash handling in Racer is definitely something to gape at. The crashes are sometimes so intricately pulled off, that you feel bad avoiding such an awe inspiring spectacle. All in all, Racer is a solid title for the Dreamcast which will definitely appeal to any F-Zero, Wipeout or Extreme G fans out there.

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Star Wars Episode I - Racer
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