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Resident Evil Code Veronica (Sega Dreamcast)
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Resident Evil Code Veronica takes the Resident Evil series one step further while raising the bar for the standard of the series. Code Veronica, by all means, is a pleasure to play! You play as Claire Redfield who is in search of her brother Chris. The events in Code Veronica take place just a few months after the events in Resident Evil II.

This game's presentation will surely blow you away! Resident Evil Code Veronica includes stunning visuals, audio and game presentation. The story flows smoothly and the game has some amazing cutscenes and CG intros and outros. While you're inside the game, the game will seamlessly flow from gameplay mode to CG mode and back and you'll be handed a real feel of being right inside the game. From the start to the end, Capcom has put in their best effort into this title. The graphics are highly detailed and in complete 3D, this is probably one of the only titles on the Dreamcast that matches Namco's Soul Calibur graphically.

This game is definitely an amazing title for RE fans and non-fans alike. Definitely a must see title as it pushes the Dreamcast to the outer limits of it's performance curve, and doesn't fail to impress. Check it out!

Enjoy this Best of Emuparadise edition and we hope you keep coming back for more!

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