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Record of Lodoss War (Sega Dreamcast)
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Record of Lodoss War is a title that will remind most of Diablo. The graphics in this game as well as the gameplay mechanics are so familiar that Diablo fans would definitely feel at home here. However, what is unique in this Dreamcast title is the fact that it ties in at places with the Record of Lodoss War anime series storyline.

You begin as the revived form of a long dead soldier whose mission is to arrest a great evil that is trying to devour the land. Malevolent forces are trying to revive the wicked goddess Kardis. Inside the game you shall seldom have time to breathe as the speed at which enemies are thrown at you is astounding. If you're not ready with your potion and save buttons you'll definitely have to start from your last savegame.

Record of Lodoss provides you with a storyline that will definitely keep fans of the anime series entertained, besides this, you shall also find some good gameplay. Diablo fans should definitely check out this title as it is perfect for anyone who enjoys the Diablo atmosphere.

Enjoy this Best of Emuparadise edition and we hope you keep coming back for more!

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