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Illbleed (Sega Dreamcast)
Uploaded by Sprung

Michael Reynolds, a deranged theme park entrepreneur is offering a reward to anyone who can make it through his theme park alive. The name of the theme park is Illbleed. Your job is to basically make it through this park by solving a bunch of puzzles and hitting out at zombies and gorilla's and other characters.

Illbleed has a sense of gameplay which shall leave most players bewildered. The game works out to be a humorous survival horror title. Some of the events that take place in this game shall definitely make you laugh out loud. For the simple fact that Illbleed is in a theme park, you are going to have some fun. However, on the downside, the game doesn't have much variation in presentation. The puzzles start to get boring after a while and wave after wave of zombie slaughter isn't everyone's idea of fun.

The graphics and sound are not jaw dropping aspects by any means. However, if you're a gamer with a penchant for playing quirky, out of the way titles, Illbleed shall definitely entertain you over the weekend!

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