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Half Life Gold (Sega Dreamcast)
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As part of our Best of Emuparadise series we bring to you Half Life for the Dreamcast. This game is rare, mainly because it was never released. Initially hyped till hyper-space by the developers, finally Half Life was trashed after the demise of the Dreamcast from the console scene.

Half Life for the Dreamcast features the story of a government cover-up of an alien invasion. For those who have been under a rock for the last few years, Half Life has received numerous awards for gameplay mechanics and innovation in gaming. To most, this title needs no introduction. However, in this title, apart from the original Half Life (where you play as Gordon Freeman) there is a new episode called Blue Shift, you play as Barney, one of the guards at the Black Mesa facility, who witnesses the happenings featured in Half Life. Barney, while playing in the same time period as Gordon Freeman, has totally different story objectives, and at some points, their stories do seem to cross over and relate to each other. It's tough to say more without spoiling the story for you, so it would be wise to suggest that you play through it yourself!

Graphically, the game has received a major overhaul due to the Dreamcast's powerful graphics processing abilities the developers (Gearbox Software..) were no longer limited by non-standardized PC hardware. With a solid platform to develop on, it's no wonder that this game has some good eye candy. All of the characters and weapons in this game have been redone with an average of double the polygonal count featured in the PC edition. If you actually take a look at this game, compared to Half Life on the PC, this game is definitely dazzling, and the best part is that the graphical upgrade not only takes place in the Blue Shift episode but in the original Half Life featured in this game as well!

This is a leaked copy of Half Life for the Sega Dreamcast. It's been doing rounds on the internet for a while and now it should no longer be difficult to find as we shall always have it up for our visitors to check out! Enjoy this Best of Emuparadise edition and we hope you keep coming back for more!

Since this file is rather large (290MB) we're providing it via Bittorrent. But don't worry, our server shall be seeding it for you 24x7 so the file shall ALWAYS be available to you at high speeds. Please do seed it for a while after you finish downloading so that other people can also get some good speeds.

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