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Virtua Fighter II (Sega Saturn)
Uploaded by Ragnar

The Sega Saturn from the onset was a dying console. It came to the scene too late after the Sony Playstation and was just a minor upgrade over the Genesis (Megadrive). With pseudo 3D graphics, the Saturn was mainly a success in Japan. And the only reason for this tiny success in a path full of failures was the Virtua Fighter franchise. Virtua Fighter, as many of you may not know, is somewhat of a phenomenon in Japan. Folks used to flock to arcades for the simple reason that Virtua Fighter was considered the ultimate fighting game of it's time.

Virtua Fighter II for the Saturn is a no nonsense fighting game that takes itself seriously. The Saturn edition of Virtua Fighter II features 10 fighters that you can choose from and some hidden characters as well. You're plunged straight away into a story fighting mode where you take on various opponents and fight through the game. In a nutshell, the controls are simple and the moves are easy to pull off, however, underneath this simple interface there can be many strategies (ask the Japs ; )), Virtua Fighter II, like any other game can be made engrossing for the simple fact that everytime you play someone else at it, you could use a different method/technique to win.

Virtua Fighter II features 3D graphics and some good arcade style music and sounds. In particular, after you're done beating the game, new modes are opened up for you to play which adds to the titles longevity. All in all, Virtua Fighter II is a decent arcade style fighting game and would definitely remind some folks of the place great titles such as Soul Calibur take it's ideas from.

Download Links:
Virtua Fighter II File 01 [50MB]
Virtua Fighter II File 02 [50MB]
Virtua Fighter II File 03 [50MB]
Virtua Fighter II File 04 [50MB]
Virtua Fighter II File 05 [50MB]
Virtua Fighter II File 06 [50MB]
Virtua Fighter II File 07 [50MB]
Virtua Fighter II File 08 [50MB]
Virtua Fighter II File 09 [36MB]
Virtua Fighter II SFV File [425b]

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