Game Review: Super Pang

Geek Specs:
Title: Super Pang
Platform: Super NES
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Release: n/a

Introduction: This is a game type I have never seen before until I finished this game. Youre trapped in a cube formed room, and your task is to empty it on balls. How does that sound? Freaky, right? Well when you play the game you will learn to love it, and just don't stop playing it. Well okay, it's all a matter of taste.

Rom Stats:

Licsense: Capcom Co, Ltd.
File size 524800 bytes
Header: Yes (379453 bytes)
Header: Yes
Rom speed: SlowROM (200ns)
Bank size: LoROM (32Kb banks)
Rom type: ROM only
Rom size: 4 MegaBits
Country: Japan (NTSC)

Review: Your mission is simple, empty the room filled with balls within the time limit and proceed to the next level. When you hit some of the blocks in the room you can get a bonus item. Examples: A clock gives you more time, a fruit gives you more points, a ray-gun to blast the balls, and lots of other items. There are many levels to complete. Some levels can be really tricky and some really easy. This game is very easy to understand and to learn. A game for every age.

Conclusion: The new game type Capcom has created is very interesting. I would like to see this game on the pocket consoles (Game Boy Advance for example). The game is a big challenge, but one that everybody should have played at least once. Some of you will not like this game, but if you do you will have something to do for a long time. (Note: When I played Super Pang I had some graphics glitches in the menu on SNES9x and ZSNES win/dos). However, this does not effect the gameplay. There is also a Fairlight intro :) (Im sure you can find roms without intros too).

Ratings: (scale of 0.0 - 5.0)

Gameplay: 4.5 Graphics: 4.0
Either you love it our you hate it. It's as simple as that. Nice backgrounds but nothing special about this SNES title.

Sound: 3.5 Overall: 4.0
Well, not that much to listen to. The gameplay is captivating enough though. I wouldn't say that this game beats Tetris in this area but it comes close. Nah! Just joking, but it lasts!

Written by Nito0ne


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