Game Review: Paper Mario

Geek Specs:
Title: Paper Mario
Platform: Nintendo 64
Genre: RPG
Developer: Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Release: February 5, 2001

Introduction: Have you ever wanted a 'real' RPG for the Nintendo64? And what would be better than having Mario himself starring in it? Don't search anymore. Paper Mario is definitely the game for you.

Review: Paper Mario is the sequel of the SNES game Mario RPG, and has got a lot of similarities to this game. But it has also got it's differences. Bowser is of course the final boss in this Mario game (like all the others) too. When you get more into the game you will learn more techniques, acquire more party members and coins to buy things with. You'll get stronger, and stronger, until Mario is ready for the final showdown. On your way to bowser, you will find items called "Badges". When you use a badge Mario will be able to do more moves like a powered jump to smash harder, and so on. You can use many badges at once, but only if you have enough badge point's. You will be able to uprade Mario a couple of times, and your party members as well. When you upgrade a party member, he/she will be able to do some more powerful moves. All of the party members have their own abilities, which are good for facing different enemies. When Mario is upgraded, you can upgrade his HP (Heart Points), FP (Flower Points) and BP (Badge Points). HP increases Mario' health, FP allows you use of some of your power-attacks, and BP makes him able to use more badges at once. Mario's "mission" in this game is to save Princess Peach and seven Star Spirits from the evil King Bowser. He has hidden the Star Spirits all over the land, so it won't be any easy!

Conclusion: You must travel from the desert to the snow, and from the ocean to the sky, and bring all of the Star Spirits back to their home Star Haven (this is where all of the stars dwell and prosper). I hope you will enjoy the game, and good luck! ;)

Ratings: (scale of 0.0 - 5.0)

Gameplay: 4.5 Graphics: 3.5
In my opinion, the game is too easy. I played it for 26 hours, and completed the whole game (the final boss is hard though). I think the first "levels" are perfect, but then it doesn't become much more difficult. Then, when you get to the last level to save princess Peach, that one is hard. With the others too easy, you won't be good enough to complete the last level, and you will have some trouble with King Bowser. Though, it's a nice game. The graphics in Paper Mario are very nice, though all the people and creatures you meet are in 2D. The trees, houses, and rocks are 3D, but most of the objects are flat. Why didn't I give it a higher rating? I gave it 3.5 because it's not the best graphics I've seen, but not the worst either. It's special. It doesn't look like any game I've seen before.

Sound: 4.0 Overall: 4.5
The sounds and music in Paper Mario are very cool. The right sounds are at the right places. When something sad happens, the music becomes slow and sad. It gives you the perfect feeling. The sounds and music make you feel that you're IN the game, as it should in a "real" RPG. The game is almost perfect. When you see Mario and all of his friends, you'll get a good laugh, and the game has humor as well. It's a great game, but as I said above, it's a bit too easy. Most RPG' have tougher bosses than this one did.

Written by Iddi


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