Game Review: Pocky And Rocky 2

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Introduction: If you have played P&R1 you will be suprised with this one. Why? Because it is a lot harder! The first game overall, was an easy game but this one is much more tricky. The base is the same game but now there are a lot of new enemies, moves, areas and stuff to collect. One of the most noticeable thing that's new is that you are nearly never alone. Why? Because you have a friend with you on your adventure. He/She will follow you in the game, and help you battle the evil forces that have kidnapped the moons princess, Luna. When you start your game you can select your favorite one, but when playing you can find labels of the other friends. If you take the label your friend will transform in to a new character!

Rom Stats:
License: Natsume
File size: 1573376 bytes
Header: Yes
Rom speed: SlowROM (200ns)
Bank size: LoROM (32Kb banks)
Rom type: ROM only
Rom size: 16 MegaBits
Country: USA (NTSC)

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Review: The game is just like P&R1 so if you played it you will feel just at home wich the sequel. But there are new moves to learn but fear not, thereīs a training area. As I said you now have a friend who helps you in your adventure. You can use your friend to do a lot of things. You can throw him/her at your enemy join forces as one character and a lot of more things. When you donīt command it, it will just run around and shoot. The levels have been drastically changed. You can move around more just not run in one direction. You now collect coins so you can buy things in a... STORE! As I said, lots of new features! The password option is new and works just fine. No need to leave you snes on with pause pressed any more. 

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Conclusion: Well Pocky & Rocky 2 was released in 1994, not that long ago and i still play it a lot. The game in general is a fun and long lasting game. This is truly a great game and i can't wait fore a new pocky and rocky game. This game, i recommend to all players, this is a must have!

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Ratings: (scale of 0.0 - 5.0)

Gameplay: 5.0 Graphics: 4.5
This game is one of the best SNES games I have ever played. Itīs entertaining all of the time. Definitely an improvement over the first game. All of the sprites look smooth and the environments are nicely detailed.

Sound: 4.5 Overall: 4.0
The sound is... is... is.... POCKY & ROCKY SOUND! Completely original soundtrack and nice fx. Sweet. Great news, the game has now got a password option! This option is like a long life lamp! Enjoy the game.

Written by Nitro0ne


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