Game Review: Pocky And Rocky


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Introduction: I would call this a run and shoot game, in a cute style. In this adventure you choose between the characters Pocky and Rocky as your fighter and basically run and shoot your way through the game. In the game, the goblins have gone mad, but Rocky the goblin hasnīt been affected. He doesn't know how to fix the problem so he runs for help, the help is Pocky, Pocky has defeated the goblins once before. Rocky thinks he can help him cure the rest of the goblins. And that is where the adventure begins.


Rom Stats:

License: Natsume
File size:1049088 bytes
Header: Yes
Rom speed: SlowROM (200ns)
Bank size: LoROM (32Kb banks)
Rom type: ROM only
Rom size: 8 MegaBits
Sram: None
Country Europe, Australia, Oceania & Asia 

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Review: The game isnīt hard in any way. The controls are simple and easy to get used to. You either control Pocky or the goblin Rocky and your mission is to defeat the evil forces in the world.

A fun game to play single player or multiplayer mode. I recomend multiplayer for lots of funny moments. This is a game were you canīt stand still because there is always something happening. Lots of enemies to defeat and bosses to beat. Well there isn't mutch to say about this game because you should try it for yourself.

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Conclusion: This is a true Snes classic that every one should have played. This cute adventure just keeps on going and you will never get bored. So why are you reading this? Go and play it!

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Ratings: (scale of 0.0 - 5.0)

Gameplay: 4.5 Graphics: 4.0
It's an easy game to play. Great! A true classic and a memorable gaming experience. Hehe, what can I say. Pure SNES graphics. Nothing special, but better than many other SNES titles.

Sound: 4.5 Overall: 3.5
The sound is okay. It changes when events happen, like if it starts getting dark, or when a "bad guy" appears. Nothing special. The bad part about the game is that you cant save, so you will need to restart frome the begining when starting to play. (But now, you can use the ZSNES save states to your advantage :)

Written by Nitro0ne


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