Game Review: Final Fantasy IX

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Title: Final Fantasy IX
Platform: Playstation
Genre: RPG
Developer: Squaresoft
Publisher: Square Electronic Arts
Release: November 14, 2000

Introduction: Final Fantasy. A name; a symbol of a legendary series. And its name is contradictory as Final Fantasy is one of the longest series, and it doesn't really seem to be Final in any way. The ninth chapter is an exception because it is final in many ways, as it is the last on the Playstation and it is the last of the series with the original style (from now on, Final Fantasy will have a totally new game engine). However, this, as with the other chapters, is really a great game because it will allow you to experience real emotions unlike many other titles. So, let's get into the review!

Review: The main thing you surely look at in a RPG is the plot. FFIX's story is very well written. You play the role of Zidane (or Gidan), a young man who doesn't remember much about his past. He is apart of an organization of thieves that attempts to kidnap the princess of the Kingdom of Alexandria, Garnet, ruled by Queen Brahne. In the beginning of the game, you discover that Garnet wants herself to be kidnapped because she wants to escape from her mother. So you understand early on that something strange is happening, and here begins the story that will make ou apart of the gameplay and will bring you inside a fantastic world where life is a great adventure.

The plot reveals itself little by little, keeping you next to your PSX until the end of the game. That, with the help of about an hour of FMVs made with "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" graphic system and with epic battles. The graphics brings your Playstation to the impossible, especially in battles, and the backgrounds, drawn by Square's designers, are really well drawn in a deformed style that adapts itself perfectly to the 'Super-Deformed' characters of Yoshitaka Amano. Nobuo Uematsu's music is MARVELOUS, like in past chapters, and even deserves to be listened to outside of the game (you can download it here from emuparadise;).

The equip and ability sections are well made and you don't get tired of equipping your character or using the ability system, that uses a completely new system by the way. Explaining it completely would take too long, but you get rid of it after the first hour of playing, thanks to the simple and easy-to-understand tutorial provided by a moogle (a speaking animal that appears very often in the Final Fantasy saga). Basically, you get your abilities from your equipment, but you must keep them equipped for a while to get them permanently.

Conclusion: This is a chapter of Final Fantasy that cannot be missed. It is good for newbies too, because it is easy, not extremely long (but I assure you that is long enough), and has a really good story. Not to mention, the breath-taking visuals and the beautifully constructed soundtrack.

Ratings: (scale of 0.0 - 5.0)

Gameplay: 5.0 Graphics: 4.5
The story and gameplay are so well combined that you won't move from next to your Playstation for weeks and weeks! The graphics take your good old PSX to the limits. Backgrounds are just beautiful and the textures of the characters and battle locales are really well done. It takes a 4.5 only for a few defects.

Sound: 5.0 Overall: 4.5
How good can the music and sound effects be? I have yet to find a game with the same level of sound and music so prevalent in this game! A really great game. The last with the original style and game engine of the legendary saga of Final Fantasy.

Written by Coolvortex


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