Hardware Review: GB E-Merger

Geek Specs:
Title: GB E-Merger
Developer: Netmars
Price: 64Mbit set: $99.90;
16Mbit set: $69.90
Where: www.lik-sang.com

Rating: 4.5

Almost everyone likes the Gameboy: it doesn't have many great games, but they are always funny and you can take them anywhere you want. The only defect of these games is that one of them costs as much as a Playstation 2 or a PC game. So, logically, you will prefer to buy a game for the PS2 and not for GB. But now, thanks to this little unit, that is relatively worth the price, you can do what each Gameboy lover ever dreamed of: you can download the roms from the net and put them on the cartdrige that accompanies the unit and you can use them to play with your GB-GBC. This feature alone can make this product appetizing for many Gameboy players, but it has other features too. You can use this unit to upload and download save states and the cartdrige is provided with an internal clock, useful for games such as Pokemon. Furthermore, it is quite simple to operate. To use the E-merger you must connect the parallel cable (you find it in the box) from the E-merger to your PC then install the program, contained in a floppy, which is very easy to set up. You can choose two modes of using the program: Professional and Normal. Normal mode is used to download/upload the roms, Professional mode is used to manage save states and hexadecimal code (this last is not very useful unless you are a Gameboy programmer :-). Also, the emerger is provided with two ports: one to read/write called "E-card port" and another that reads cards called "source". Another important feature is that you can use the E-merger alone, without a computer. That is useful for backing up the games that you already have to put them together in the erasable card. This little unit is avaiable in two versions: one with a 16Mbit cartdrige and another one with a 64Mbit cassette. It has got only two problems: the program is a little slow to write on the erasable cartdrige and the unit is not provided with a power adaptor, so you will have to find it yourself. Concluding, if you like the Gameboy and you use it very much, this is for you. Spending as much as buying two games, you can have every GBC game that you want.

BE CAREFUL: THIS UNIT WRITES ONLY GB-GBC ROMS. NOT GBA! However, you can use it on the GBA to play GBC-GB games.

Written by Coolvortex


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