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Title: Chrono TriggerOST
Genre: Original Soundtrack

Introduction: Chrono Trigger is a game that has and will continue to go down in the history of all RPG's. The soundtrack to the game, was no small accomplishment either.

Review: This has to be one of Yasunori Mitsuda's greatest accomplishments. The soundtrack has so many aspects of music to it! Let's be honest, most of us didn't know what to expect when Chrono Trigger came out. We heard rumors, we knew the soundtrack won awards in Japan, but did you really know? It wasn't until you opened that little box, threw the cartridge in the machine and realized you were in a new world and you knew what this masterpiece was. The clicking of the clock at the start, and the seemingly emotional 3 tones after set me off from the start. You could anticipate all the lush sounds that would exist within the rest of the game!

Although 90% of this soundtrack is action oriented music, and 95% of Yasunori Mitsuda's music is action oriented game music, you can't forget the softer sounds of venturing through cities and the twitching suspenseful, yet, curious sounds of what you knew would be running through a cave.

Magus's theme has some of the most wonderful aspects of this soundtrack. When it starts you hear a soft string group playing with a soft sound of wind in the background. But, before you know it... boom! It picks up! (C'mon, we all knew Yasunori Mitsuda couldn't make battle music without it being exciting) Your mind runs back to the day, in 1996, when you were slashing, and cutting, and using magic, and praying magus didn't straight own you! It truly made me feel like I was IN the game again.

This was Yasunori Mitsuda's first real popular soundtrack. To those of you who don't know his music? He has composed other squaresoft soundtracks, including the wonderful sequals Radical Dreamers and Chrono Cross! If you listen, you'll understand why Square Soft asks him to work with them over and over again!

The best part about this soundtrack compared to Chrono Cross, is it's the 100% completely original soundtrack to any of the Chrono series! (Yes, this includes Radical Dreamers) All the music in here is from this game and this game alone! There is nothing redone from another soundtrack, nothing borrowed, no sounds you'll hear anywhere else except the predecessors to this title! Being the original you have to give it just a little more credit there!

Conclusion: If this is not the best soundtrack of all time for games, it's certainly my pick for the SNES/Super Famicom! There is nothing about this soundtrack that is forgetable, and if you do? You probably don't like music much anyways! I can't recommend this one enough.

Ratings: (scale of 0.0 - 5.0)

Sound Quality: 4.4 Track Replay Value: 5.0
Okay, let's be honest, it's electronic sounding at points. This was due to the super Ninetendo's capabilities at that time. However, the sound in this game rivals that of many PSX titles. If you're new to this soundtrack or haven't played the game, you won't be able to stop your winamp or c.d.'s! If you've played the game before and you loved it? You'll just be too nastalgic to let go!

Packaging: 4.3 Overall: 4.9
Although it was a nice little package with the animation on the front and the tracks on the back. It was a little bland, nothing really nice to it, it just didn't look that nice to be honest. But, this soundtrack wasn't expected to do as well as it did either, maybe that explains it? Yasunori Mitsudaand squaresoft out did themselves this time. This was, is, and forever will be a landmark game in the Soundtrack and Role Players eyes. It will certainly go down in my book as one of the best of all time!

Written by RiskBreaker

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