Game Review: Advance Wars

Geek Specs:
Title: Advance Wars
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Release: September 10, 2001

Introduction: A great war-simulator with perhaps a immature look, but great game play, and that's what really matters in simulators :). Want to know more ? Read on, and don't I repeat, don't forget to download this game, you CANNOT live without it!

Review: While the graphics might throw you off, this game is not even close to a "kiddies"game and requires a great amount of thinking and effort. About the sound nothing but good things. There are absolutely no differences between the original game and the emulated sounds.

There is not much to say about the game play but with all the different troops it is challenging to try and win all the missions. The different terrains make it even harder yet more fun to play. This is a game you have to be good at or you will not make it to the end. The how-to-play is very well explained (unlike other games I've played) in numerous missions all explaining a new tactic or introducing a new troop. After the training you're on your own in defeating your enemies. Which gets more and more difficult as you get farther into the game and there will be not one mission that you can just finish like that. Yet the more difficult the more you'll enjoy playing it.

The multiplayer mode is of course excellent too. Just too bad your emulator has to support it or it won't do you any good. But like I said what is more fun than competing with your friends. Me and my friends have had some pretty hot moments with this game and have only just cleared the last level.

Conclusion: A great game with lots of possibilities and a great game play. Together with the perfectly emulated graphics and sound this is a must have for all war/strategy fans.

Ratings: (scale of 0.0 - 5.0)

Gameplay: 4.5 Graphics: 4.0
The gameplay is just great and very well introduced. Also the multiplayer mode is really cool just for the pleasure of beating your friends. The only thing holding me back of giving a 10 is that there will always be games with better gameplay, maybe not now but most definitely in the future. The graphics are made to make the terrain very clear to players yet that made the game look very immature and that might bother some people into not playing it.

Sound: 4.5 Overall: 4.0
The sound is exactly the same as the GBA sound yet it wouldn't have hurt if there would be a little change in music now and then. You might not even notice though because of the fast-pace gameplay. If your emulator supports multiplayer games the game is even better and you'll never get tired of it. But after you finish the normal missions once it is useless to do them again because there will be no change in the strategy of the enemy. Great game though for strategy war fans.

Written by Realist


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