Game Review: Aerogauge

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Title: Aerogauge
Platform: Nintendo 64
Genre: Racing
Developer: Locomotive
Publisher: Ascii Entertainment
Release: May 21, 1998

Introduction: Aerogauge is a spaceship type racer(something like Star Wars: Racer, on the PC; I haven't tried the N64 version). The game is your standard racing game. The ingame music is pretty horrible, but then again, can't expect too much from the Nintendo 64 now, can we? Anyway the tracks are quite well designed and it runs pretty well. I don't know whether you will like it but you have to see for yourself. Personally I liked it and it's not that easy to come first in the race. Basically you're in a spaceship kinda thingy that can fly :). The game is fun for some time, but then soon starts to drag. The music doesn't really encourage you too much either. All in all, if you're really interested in this game even now, read on....

Review: The Graphics quality is not as good as expected from the N64. Of course, if you play the game using UltraHLE or some other program, then yes, you will see good looking graphics. But the anti-aliasing in this game on the real N64 is almost next to nil. Now what does that mean? Every object is jagged and pixellated, but then why bother with that since after all, this IS supposed to be played on UltraHLE :P Nemu can't emulate the audio properly, but then again, Nemu cant emulate anything properly. It's just an emulator that runs a bit of everything. Oh well, coming back to this game, the music in the game is pretty badly done and even the souneffects+voiceovers sound like they've been recorded over a telephone. The Gameplay is excellent since you have to be a veteran for coming up first and of course you have to be really good at racing. The tracks have tough curves and you may have a tough time going here and there. I love playing this game and keep on & on & on at trying to beat it!!

On Nemu

On UltraHLE


Conclusion: All in all, this game is pretty good for racing fans. When it comes to racing, I'm a bit of a critic, so, any below standard racing game gets the brunt of my bad side. This is a pretty average N64 racing games, that doesn't mean that the game is bad, it just means that there are better ones out there. However, on our site, this game is downloaded at an average of 66 times/ day. So it is quite popular. If you're the kind of person who believes in public opinions, download it and check it out. But in case you're not that sort of a person, take my advice, leave this game alone and go in for Driver 2 - PSX!

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