The Supercard Team is famous for it's long line of flashcards for the DS and the GBA. And with the G6 and M3 lite coming out, its no wonder that the Supercard guys would come out with a DS lite sized, slot-2 flashcard. But will the package be enough for it to surpass the competition? Stay tuned to find out in...


The Supercard Lite Rumble Review
by: Maximum Hashi


As always, I am very grateful to the services of Kicktrading for sending me the review copy.

First off, lets take a look at the packaging. The SC Rumble comes in a nice small box which shows the micro-sd connectivity and the rumble features. In the box is a foam insert containing the flashcard itself. So basically, the insides consist of:

  • Supercard Lite Rumble Flashcard

It isn't much; even less contents than the DS-X had. No micro-sd card reader is included so you'll have to find your own. Also, you will have to download the game patcher utility and the firmware updates on the Supercard website.

The SC Rumble is pretty sturdy and matches the look and feel of the DS lite filler cart well. The only difference is that the outer layer is covered in a matte finish, rather than the glossy feel of the original. This is a love-hate kind of thing as some people wont mind this and others will. One annoying thing about the SC Rumble is that the micro-sd card slot isn't spring loaded. I really didn't like this as I found it very hard to get the card out once it was plugged in. However, on a more positive note, the SC Rumble does fit nicely in the 2nd slot of the DS lite.

When turned on, the SC Rumble brings up a pretty lackluster GUI. There is no touch screen support and the only thing you can't do much besides selecting the rom. All of the properties must be added in the game manager. You can add features like rumble support or cheats. Write times were pretty slow and took a while. The rumble support, however, isn't really what you would expect. It doesn't act as a rumble pak but rather it rumbles when you press a button so in theory, you can add rumble to any game you want, but in an unorthodox way. The rumble is pretty good and isn't as loud as the official Nintendo rumble pak but it does eat up battery life by a large amount. There is a patch for regular rumble support, but it only works for Metroid Prime Pinball. During testing, I noticed that whenever the rumble was being used, that my DS lite's battery would go red.

Rom compatibility is pretty nice. Most of the DS roms tested worked perfectly. Here's a small list of roms tested:

  • Pokemon Diamond (Worked Great)
  • Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney (Worked Great)
  • Panel de Pon DS (Worked Great)
  • Osu! Tatake! Ouendan (Long pauses sometimes, other than that, works great)
  • Super Mario 64 DS (Worked Great)

One feature that is sorely missed is the GBA rom support. Even though this is a slot-2 card, there is no onboard RAM for GBA support as it was replaced by rumble support. So, unlike other slot-2 cards, you wont be missing anything that you would've by using a slot-1 card. Another thing to note is that save times were much longer than normal. A plus to no GBA support is that this enables the price to go down, as it only costs $35 USD.

In conclusion, the SC Rumble is a cheap, nice card if you are only looking for DS support, but for people looking for a regular rumble pak, or GBA support will have to look somewhere else.

  • Build: 4.0 - Nice build; microsd slot isn't spring loaded though.
  • Ease of Use: 4.0 - Pretty easy to put roms on, but it wont be fast.
  • Value: 5.0 - $35 USD won't break the wallet.
  • Compatibility: 3.0 - DS roms worked nicely, no GBA support.
  • Final Score: 3.5

If you have any questions or want to comment about the review, then e-mail me at maximumhashi [at] hotmail [dot ] com.

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