SuperMan:The Review


Superman must stop Lex Luthor from enveloping Metropolis in a deadly fog of kryptonite. The Man of Steel must also rescue Lois Lane, who gets kidnapped when she uncovers Lex Luthor's disastrous scheme. You control the superpowers. You are Superman. Story-mode locales range from a subway beneath Metropolis to Braniac's space station high above earth. In all, Superman will have about 20 stages, including the Daily Planet headquarters and parking lot, a dam and a warehouse.

The main thing is that this game sucks. Developers have been trying in vain to get a decent superman game made but whenever they try it ends up as a disaster.


Since the graphics are on the N64 they are quite acceptable but they don't go with the game that's why the low rating.


Now what can I say? Sound is ok and you can tolerate it. In some places though you gotta turn it off or it will drive you mad.


The gameplay is horrible. Why, in the first round you have to fly through energy circles like the ones in starfox64. And it's boring as hell. Then in later rounds you're usually more powerfull than the baddies so it's all pretty easy :(


On UltraHLE 1.0.0


This game is really horribly boring. Try to keep away from it. Those people who has pre-ordered it really suffered so if you have money to waste then don't waste it on this game, send it to me ;-)

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