Super Smash Brothers


Yes, they actually did it. They actually made a fighting game where Nintendo characters beat the living daylights out of each other. But don't jump to incredible conclusions yet. Don't think that Nintendo have suddenly thrown their cute image out the window and allowed Mario to decapitate Yoshi, or think that the N64 has it's answer to Tekken. In truth, Super Smash Bros isn't really a proper fighter. The main point of the game is to push your opponent off the platform that makes up the stage (kind of like sumo wrestling without the "big-boned" people). The more damage you have, the further away you fly when hit. Characters have a double-jump which helps them get back on the stage, as well as special moves. It's all wonderfully simplistic, really. Special moves are accomplished by holding up or down and pressing B, or just pressing B. Simple, easy to pick up, but most importantly-fun.


Graphics are good but rather the stages look as if they were made for real babies. But they are still well engineered.


Sound is quite ok in Nemu0.7 the music plays well and it's ok. But when one player hits another player it always makes a sound as if there was a nine-pin strike in a bowling alley Whoever thought about that needs a good checkup and that also 'upside'.:)


Gameplay is good but rather easy. In single player mode it takes about 30 minutes to beat the whole game in easy mode. But what takes the cake is the multiplayer game with 4 players together the thrashing that everyone recieved is cool.But don't think this canr replace tekken3.


Super Smash Bros. On the N64

On nemu0.7a


Overall this game is good and has a lot of fun in it so go ahead and download it. Cool huh?

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