Ridge Racer 64 : Review


Ridge Racer as you may have already guessed from the name is a racing sim. for the N64. It was originally made for the playstation by Namco but Nintendo was appointed by Namco to port it to the N64. Therefore there were many graphic and detail improvements.RR64 is a good game. It is a 256Mbit cart and the graphics are quite good. RR64 also features some good tracks as music. Ridge Racer 64 has about 12 cars. But when the game starts there are only a few available. I think about 4 or 5. By winning the tracks in Grandprix mode the cars can be unlocked but winning is not so easy. In the beginning the game seems quite simple and winning is quite easy. But later the tracks will have to be mastered in both forward and reverse mode. The best thing about the N64 port of Ridge Racer is that it has a higher resolution and better frame rate.It was tested on Nemu 0.7a because that is the only emu that plays it.

Graphics: 8/10

The graphics otherwise in the N64 are excellent. In Nemu0.7 there are a few bugs such as black textures but the game is playable. Some places the polygons are all wrong but otherwise the game is enjoyable and easily playable.


Ridge Racer has good tracks but the only thing is that it has a lot of skippings in Nemu even on a P450. But the tracks cannot be compared to the tracks in the NFS series. What I mean is that the music is not really pumping kind of...(hope you understand ;) The Music is ok and the sfx are excellent.

Playability and Gameplay:8.5/10

The playability is not really good since the cars are not very responsive and all that. And the Gameplay is good hence the 8.5 because later the game becomes pretty challenging and tough and can keep you trying for hours on end.

On The Real N64
Taken with NEMU0.7a


Ridge Racer is quite a challenging game but it lacks the responsivity in cars which is so much required in sims. The best part of Ridge Racer are the really well designed and detailed tracks. But it's worth the download. Go get it!

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