Quest 64 Review


It's finally here. The first RPG for the N64 and boy does it stink. Q64 works best with Nemu. It does have some graphic problems with the emulator but more on that later. Q64 id about a boy names Brian who has the gift of sprit taming from his dad. Brian's dad has left him to look for the the book of eletails. The book keeps the island together. Now Brian's world is not very fun. There is hardly and NPC around the world. In the world there are spirits which can increase four powers. Fire, Water, Wind, and Rock. As he gets more spirits he lears spells which he can use in battle. Now the battle part of the game is unique. Out of nowhere a battle begins. You can use you spells or just whack them with your stick that you carry every where. Your surrond by a polygon which you can move anywhere so you can avoid some attacks. You just use the spells or your stick until you win. The battle in this game happen way too often though. Some problems with Quest is its camera. Once when I was in the battle, the camera got stuck behind a tree. Thats not the way I want a camera to be. Problems like these won't make a good game.


The graphics in the game are not the best with Nemu. There is a lot of black patches everywhere and Brian is not completly there. In fact all the characters in Q64 in Nemu are not completly there, but that was the only emulator that works for it.


The music fits the game just right. It make you feel like you in a game full of life.


Q64 has ok controls. Brian responds to you controls like he should. One major problem is the bad camera. Beware of it when you are playing.

Screen Shots

Nemu 0.7a


Quest 64 if mainly for people who haven't played RPGs for a long time or if you need to take a break from good RPGs like FFVIII.

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